Clear Conditions

Point Conditions Points Other
28,000 points Within 35 Turns Extinguish all Fire Panels

Clear Rank Conditions

1 2 3
28,000 points 36,000 points 42,000 points

Strategy Tip

・Stage 92 is simple enough; only Fire and Ice here.
・The board is large, but there is also a lot of Ice, and there are 4 colors of Panels to work with. Actually much harder than it looks.
・This Stage will test your ability to plan ahead and line Panels up to make Arrow Panels.
・Don't focus only on breaking the Ice too much. The positioning of the Panels to put out the Fire will be more important so that you don't run out of time. ・At the start there will probably be very few places that you can fold. Try to focus on opening up one single area to work in.