Clear Conditions

Point Conditions Points Other
22,000 points Within 45 Turns Collect all Parts

Clear Rank Conditions

1 2 3
22,000 points 30,000 points 39,000 points

Strategy Tip

・You need to collect Parts which are located in the top right.
・The Stage is shaped like a staircase, which will make it difficult to collect the Parts.
・To access the items in the isolated islands, you will need to use Arrow Panels. It is the only way to trigger them.
・If you can create a Chameleon to break the Panel colors directly on top of the Boards, you will have an easier time.
・The Spinning Saw will only break the Panels on the very edge. Use it only when the Parts are in a position to collect.
・Because there are 5 colors here folding reliably is very difficult. Break the boards when ever you have the opportunity.