Clear Conditions

Point Conditions Points Other
16,000 points Within 50 Turns Extinguish all Fire Panels

Clear Rank Conditions

1 2 3
16,000 points 25,000 points 32,000 points

Strategy Tip

・Similar to Stage 83, you will need to put out a Fire panel hidden by Stone and surrounded by Fence and Mesh Wire.
・On this stage both vertical and horizontal Arrow Panels will be necessary. Start by creating horizontal ones to destroy the Mesh Wire.
・You will need to create Arrow Panels on the same row as the Mesh, creating them below that is useless.
・After you have destroyed the Mesh on the sides, use Upward Arrow Panels, to destroy the Stone.
・The timing and place which you create Arrow Panels is the key to victory. Take your time, and think ahead.