Clear Conditions

Point Conditions Points Other
31,000 points Within 62 Turns Collect all Parts

Clear Rank Conditions

1 2 3
31,000 points 39,500 points 48,000 points

Strategy Tip

・You can see 2 Parts on the board right off the bat. Two more need to fall down from the top of the board.
・Your main strategy here should be to break the Ice Petrified Panels as quickly as possible.
・Arrow Panels will do the trick, but you must break the Ice first for them to be effective.
・It will be hard to erase every single Petrified Panel. You can still possible clear the Stage without doing so.
・You don't necessarily need to destroy the Iced Petrification in the center, but if they get out of control then try to make a horizontal Arrow Panel to deal with them.