Clear Conditions

Point Conditions Points Other
19,000 points Within 20 Turns Extinguish all Fire Panels

Clear Rank Conditions

1 2 3
19,000 points 23,950 points 29,000 points

Strategy Tip

・Petrified Panels are located in the center and all 4 corners of this Stage.
・Petrified Panels slowly turn neighboring into more Petrified Panels, so you want to destroy them quickly.
・The best strategy is to start from the center Petrification.
・After that you want to start erasing the Fire, but you should start from the top and not the bottom.
・The Petrified Panels are surrounded by Stone, and the Stone will actually prevent the Petrification from continuing.
・Working from the top first will prevent Panels from getting stuck under the Stone, and make everything smoother.