About Panels
Story: Panels are mystical creatures who dream of building shining structures. Maggie is the only person who knows how to help them do it! Begin a fantastic journey to help the Panels fulfill their dreams!
Compatible models
About compatiable models
iOS 9.0 and above/Android ver. 5.0 and above
What should I do if the application freezes?
Lack of phone memory is a common cause of application freezes.
First check the amount of unused memory on your device, close all other open applications, and try reseting the device.
If the problem still persists, please contact us by using the "other" link located at the bottom of this page.
I purchased an item but it is not showing up in the game.
In the case that purchased items or GP are not being displayed within the game, first try restarting the application and then your device.
If the problem persists, please check the reciept of purchase that should have been received from the App Store/Google Play.
If the items specified in the reciept are still not showing, please contact the App Store/Google Play first. "
I am unable to proceed to the next World.
If you are connected to a social media account then you can progress to the next world by getting help from 3 of your friends.
Otherwise, you can continue by spending GP, or by completing a quest by challenging 3 high difficulty stages.
After completing this quest there will be some time before you are able to challenge the next quest.
I am not receiving the Life which my friend has sent me.
The maximum amount of Lives which can be held at once is 5.
Therefore you can not receive Lives from friends if you already own 5 Lives.
Try tapping the "Receive" button once you can confirm that you are not at max Lives.
Is a social media account neccessary to play Panels?
An account is not necessary to enjoy Panels.

However, linking a social media account is recommended, as the following features will not be available without one:

* Transfering game account data to a device
* Checking your friends` game progress on social media
* Helping and recieving items and help from friends on social media
* Announcing your progression to your friends on social media.
I do not want to post about this game or spam my friends on my social media account.
Panels will never post anything on your social media account other than that which you request.
When will new stages and features be added to the game?
We are constantly adding new stages and content to Panels!
Be sure to check our official page account for all the latest update news!
I don't understand how to turn off the game music and sounds.
Game sounds and music can be turned on/off by tapping the wrench icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
I cannot complete a certain stage.
Some of the stages can be very difficult!
If you need some advice, try checking our official account page for hints and strategy.
My game progress has been erased
All game progress will be reset if the application has been uninstalled.
By linking your account to a social media account, you can restore your data to your device at any time.
How to I transfer my game data to another device?
All "Panels" Game data, progress, items, GP, and cleared stages will be lost when transfering or changing devices.
However, by linking the game to your social media account, data can be transferred to your new device.
Therefore, we highly recommend linking to Panels to your social media to prevent game data loss in the situation of device breakage or device transfer.
How do I link my account to social media?
After you have registered an account on the social media of your choice, open the Panels application, and from the title screen tap the wrench button in the bottom-left of the screen.
Furthermore, you can link your account to social media from the screen that appears after you clear a stage.
From here, the data entry page will be displayed, and you can enter your account information in the form.

After logging in, confirm the "Connection Complete" text to complete the link.
About Items
About In-game purchases
To prevent unwarranted in-game purchases, please keep your personal login information in a safe location.

To assist with this all in-game purchases will be conducted using our GP currency.
For this reason, to add more Lives, turns, and so forth, it is necessary to purchase GP.
Item Explanation

GP is the main form of currency in the world of Panels.
GP can be spent in-game to purchase items, Lives which can be used to increase playtime, and as continues within certain stages

{Folds +5}
Can be purchased to increase the number folds available to the player. Cannot be used on certain timed stages.

{Super Magic Hand}
Used to erase one panel of the players choice.

{Free Swap}
Used to exchange the spaces of 2 panels of the players choice.

Undoes the previous turn and returns the board to its previous state.

{Rain Storm}
Extinguishes 5 Panels at random which are on fire.

{Spinning Saw}
Jumps from any direction (Up, Down, Left, or Right) that Panels were folded in erasing any panel in its path in a clockwise pattern until it hits a wall.
Leaves the board after hitting 3 walls.

{Dynamite Bomb}
Destroys all 8 Panels surrounding it, as well as 1 level of ice or rock.
After Panels have fallen once from the top, repeats the previous effect once more.

Can be folded into neighbooring Panels of any color, and then erases all Panels of that color on the board.
Doesn`t erase frozen or boarded-up Panels.
What is an item code
This is a code made up of alphanumeric characters and by inputting them items can be bought.
You are able to input them by following the steps below.

1.Tap the menu button (button with the spanner) at the bottom left of the screen
2.Tap the "item code" button
3.Input the alphanumeric code in the input form and tap "OK"
How to Play
How to recover Lives
Each time the player enters a stage, 1 Life is consumed.
If the player has no Lives remaining, they cannot enter a stage.
Lives can be recovered in the following ways:

* Every 30 minutes, 1 Life will be recovered
* Friends connected on social media can send you one Life per message.
* Can be purchased with GP (12 GP to fill to max)
How to use items
The following Items can be used freely during any stage provided you have them in your inventory.
{Super Magic Hands}
{Fold +5}
{Free Swaps}

*{Fold +5} and {Undo} can not be used on timed stages.

The following items must be chosen to bring in to the stage before entry.
If not selected before entering the stage, these items cannot be used during the stage even if you have them in your inventory.
Furthermore, certain items cannot be used on some stages such as timed stages.
{Rain Storms}
{Spinning Saws}
{Dynamite Bombs}
How do I clear a level?
To clear a level and unlock the next, all win conditions displayed at the beginning of the stage must be met.
You can spend GP to increase your number of turns or your time limit during the level.
Panel Explanation

{Fire} A Panel on fire. The fire can be extinguished by folding the Panel into other Panels of the same color.

{Stone} Stone Panels cannot be folded into other Panels.
However, folding neighboring Panels will cause them to begin cracking, until they eventually break.
Stone Panels also prevent the line effect of Arrow Panels.

{Frozen} Frozen Panels cannot be folded into other Panels.
When neighboring Panels are erased, part of the ice is shaved off.
Once all of the ice has been shaved away, the Panel can be folded as normal.

{Mesh Wire} Cannot be folded into other Panels normally.
Can be destroyed by Arrow Panels, but blocks its continuing effect.
Can be whittled away by erasing neighboring Panels.

{Boarded} Boarded Panels cannot be folded into other Panels normally.
Other Panels must be made to fall on top of a Boarded Panel, causing it to open up.
Once this happens, this Panel can be folded as normal.

{Fence} Cannot be folded into other Panels. Blocks the effect of Arrow Panels.
Will be destroyed once a neighboring Panel is folded.

{Petrified} Petrified Panels cannot be folded into other Panels normally.
These Panels are located at the top of the stage, and will increase by one each turn a Panel is not successfully erased.
Will break when a neighbooring Panel is erased.

{Black Hole} Cannot be folded into other Panels.
Will suck 1 neighboring Panel into itself at random once per turn.
As of now, there is no way to destroy it.

{Rust}Cannot be folded into other Panels.
These Panels appear at the top of the stage, and will increase by one if not destroyed in 10 seconds.
Will be destroyed once a neighboring Panel is folded.

{Round Rock}Cannot be folded into other Panels.
Can be destroyed by Arrow Panels, but blocks its continuing effect.
Will start to crumble away when a neighboring Panel is erased.
Sometimes falls in to the board randomly from the top of the stage.

{Iron Ball}Cannot be folded into other Panels.
Stops the line effect of Arrow Panels, and can not be destroyed by them.
They are incredibly hard, and will not break even if neighboring Panels are destroyed.
Can by destroyed by letting them drop to the bottom of the stage.

{Frost}Cannot be folded into other Panels.
The line effect of Arrow Panels goes straight through them, and Frost Panels can not be destroyed by them.
Every 3 turns they will freeze a neighboring Panel at random.
Can by destroyed by letting them drop out the bottom of the stage.

{Snowmen}Cannot be folded into other Panels.
They can be destroyed by folding neighboring Panels or by Arrow Panels.
The line effect of Arrow Panels is stopped by Snowmen.
When destroyed they will freeze up to 7 neighboring Panels (including diagonal Panels) up to 4 Frost levels.
The Frost levels depend on how many Snowmen have been destroyed.
1 Snowman = 1 Frost level, 2 Snowmen = 2 Frost levels, etc.
Destroying 2 Snowmen at once will freeze surrounding Panels to Frost level 3, for example.
About Special Stages
{Daily Quests}
A special stage that can be attempted once a day.
Will be randomized from the types of stages that the player has cleared so far.
If you can beat it, you will receive a special item.

There have been rumors of a super hidden stage that can be unlocked, but will require some serious skills...
If you have a question or issue that is not covered in the FAQ, please contact us at the address below.
(Weekdays 10AM to 5PM UTC+9)